Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Grey Ones

John Lymington
Corgi Books

The fabulous Josh Kirby cover art made this one leap off the shelf at me in a dingy bookshop basement.  That the author was responsible for 'Night of the Big Heat' certainly didn't cause any problems to my mind either.

Here Lymington tells a very Wyndham-esque tale of two lone survivors trapped in a village filled with inhabitants who have lost - almost - all their inhibitions (and marbles) and which is surrounded by killer plants that are growing at a phenomenal rate.

Now, any of these things are enough to get me excited so this was a tantalising prospect but unfortunately Lymington has neither the chops nor the charm of Wyndham and his story is clunky, the characters are deeply unlikeable and the denouement is risible.  Further to this the titular creatures seem entirely tacked on; they are barely mentioned and never satisfactorily explained leaving you wondering just what the point was, something could be asked of the entire book. Still, you've got to love that cover art.

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