Friday, 23 December 2016

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs

Tom Baker
Faber & Faber

This is the story of Robert Caligari - a thoroughly evil 13-year-old who gets his kicks from kicking pigs. After a humiliating episode with a bacon butty, Robert realises just how much he loathes the human race - and his revenge is truly terrible. 

This one has sat on my book shelf for a good long while.  It's sat there for the same reason I didn't buy it for years after it was released.  I didn't want to read it and find out it was a bit shit.  I'm the Tom Baker era type of book geek.  I was 4 when he woke up on the floor of UNIT HQ and 11 when he swan dived off the TV mast.  His is the face I picture when I think of madcap eccentrics and his is the voice I hear when I think of the same.  I really didn't want it to suck. It didn't. Phew!

This fun little novella is entirely Baker.  So entirely him that you hear his voice as you read his words.  His irreverence, his absurdity, his contempt for authority and his anarchic spirit all shine through as he tells the story of the malicious little boy, Robert Caligari, of his misdeeds and his misstep that leads to his grizzly end.

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