Thursday, 9 July 2020


World's Beyond - Home
'Home' is an episode of the late 80s ITV series 'World's Beyond' which told stories based on the archives of the Society for Psychical Research.  We've featured another of their stories, 'The Haunted Garden', here in the past but unfortunately that video has since been taken down.

Written by Chris Menaul this is a haunted house tale starring Samantha Holland who some may know from her role in another similar story that we featured recently, 'Interference', and 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest's' Nurse Ratched, Louise Fletcher.

Karen Earl (Fletcher) is visiting her troubled daughter Perdita (Holland) who is home from school and staying with her grandmother Alice (Rachel Kempson) in a country cottage from which Karen wants to take her away.  Karen's arrival seems to trigger all manner of unpleasantness at the house - fires, flickering lights, smashed crockery and slammed doors.  Creeping around in the background is farm worker Joe (Warren Clarke) and local witch Miss Robertson (Brenda Bruce) who is entirely convinced that Perdita is at the mercy of 'forces'.

It's an odd sort of programme that at its end leaves you feeling like they've missed out a chunk of the story.  I suppose we can put the blame for this on a desire to remain true to the Psychical Society's reports but one has to wonder why the writer didn't make more of it and present a more coherent story arc but we are left with some interesting unanswered questions about motive and mindset to ponder while the credits roll.


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