Friday, 6 March 2015

The Bride That Time Forgot (The Adventures of Brenda and Effie: Book 5)

Paul Magrs
Headline Review

Something is biting people on the streets of Whitby. In an ordinary town, this would be worrying. Here, it's disastrous, and only Brenda has guessed why. She's also trying to prepare for a packed festive break at her B and B. But when unexpected help from the shadows of the past arrives to illuminate the dangers awaiting them all, Brenda realises that unless she can find a way to save Effie, the consequences may be eternal.

So back to Whitby we go where we drop ourselves straight into the aftermath of the return of Alucard and the nibble he took out of Effie's neck at the end of the previous books shenanigans.

Things have not been going well for our favourite crotchety old witch and it's not long before the arrival of Brenda's monster hunting ex beau takes her misery to a whole new level with his stake happy ways.  Mixed in with this you have a cult based around the pulp fantasy novels of Beatrice Mapp based in the matriarchal world of Qab to which Brenda inevitably has long forgotten links.

It was a rollicking good read that didn't let up it's breakneck (or should that be biteneck) speed for a second.  It left things open and full of questions but as there's still another one of these to go in the series so I'm a happy man whose breath is bated.

Buy it here - The Bride That Time Forgot (Brenda 5)

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