Friday, 16 October 2015

A Year In The Country - In Every Mind

An apology:  I started writing this review several months ago and it got somewhat derailed by my taking a short cut down a flight of stairs and not being able to finish it due to the whole operation and recuperation thing, not to mention the accompanying opiates.  So, it's very late going online but it is still available on both download and disc - I just checked - so it's definitely worth sharing.

Spinning out from his really rather wonderful blog of the same name is A Year In The Country's 'In Every Mind' a collection of 12 tracks that act as an eminently suitable companion to the blog itself.

The music has a stated inspirational link to 1960s UK television oddity 'The Owl Service' but it'll take better ears than mine to point out any links other than a shared hallucinatory quality that leaves a distinct feeling of perplexed awe at the conclusion.  What I can hear are echoes of the synthesizer rich David Cronenberg soundtracks woven through the deep, dark, sonic manipulations of British post-industrialists like Coil and dada cut-up maestros Nurse with Wound alongside the haunted, bucolic, landscapes of Comus and the Incredible String Band.

'In Every Mind' is a set that traverses genres and crashes notional boundaries with abandon creating a truly mesmerising array of sounds that are melded to great a ghost fiction; a spectral narrative haunting the echoes of a half remembered chimerical fantasy.

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