Saturday 18 November 2023

"We Need More Ghosts" - Alan Moore in conversation with Robin Ince

Wyrd Britain presents Alan Moore in conversation with Robin Ince.

"I don't want to be bound together in one belief with a lot of people who worship a sock puppet.  That would be mental!"

Today, 18th November 2023, marks the 70th birthday of Northampton's waywardest son (but probably it's truest champion), Alan Moore.  

"We need more ghosts, I don't know what all these exorcists are thinking!"

With a several decades long career in comics now behind him Moore has recently released a collection of short stories, 'Illuminations', and is embarking on a series of novels called 'Long London'.  Here, in conversation with Robin Ince, he discusses writing, magic, the collaborative process, lost histories, AI and more.

 "If everybody else is having their livelihoods threatened by automation, why not politicians?"

I've been a fan since first picking up 2000AD as a young lad and noticing that so many of my favourites were written by the same person and his work has been central to my reading habits ever since.  So,  happy birthday Mr. Moore, we probably wouldn't be here without you and all stellar work you put into warping our minds so, here's to many birthdays to come and to all the ideas that have yet to bump into each other.

"As humans we need, I think, on a fairly regular basis to transcend those sort of boundaries. Whether it's sort of, uh, you know, by mysticism, by poetry or by reading a lot of books about giant killer crabs".


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