Tuesday, 4 October 2016

A small personal (re)collection

A few years ago my partner was working for a homelessness charity. One of the organisations she had contact with was a local recycling initiative that operated out of an old shop just outside the centre of town. On a couple of visits there she'd noticed an older gentleman sitting outside the shop often pouring over a notepad and on one of these visits she had cause to strike up a conversation.

What he was doing was drawing.  He was creating drawing after drawing of small - they're all roughly between 5 and 7 cm wide - science fiction landscapes.  Pen drawings of deserted utopian cityscapes where trees and skyscrapers reach to the sun that's shining between the fluffy white clouds in a sky occasionally populated by flying saucers.  Coloured in with felt tip pens in bright vibrant colours they offer a wonderful and poignant contrast to the drab, grey, bustling, urban Welsh terraces within which they were created.

She mentioned during their conversation that I was a sci-fi fan and some weeks later when they next met he presented her with with 7 of his pictures cut out and laminated to give to me and later on two hand drawn cards - a warship for me and a swan for her.

I think they are fantastic and am hugely honoured to have them and have treasured them for the last 9 years.  I was looking at them earlier today and thought I'd like to show them to you.  I never met the gentlemen in question but I know my thanks were passed on and I am still appreciative of them today.