Friday, 4 September 2015

Joan Aiken

We're big fans of Joan Aiken here at Wyrd Britain.  Her crystal clear prose and peerless imagination has produce a body of work that includes works for adults, children and what we would now describe as young adults.

Her two most famous works, 'The Wolves of Willoughby Chase' series and the Arabel and Mortimer books for younger readers (illustrated by Quentin Blake)  have cemented her place in the pantheon of British writers but there was far more to the good lady's pen than these.  We've recently been finally treated to a complete edition of the Armitage Family stories that she wrote throughout her life - read our review here - and she produced several collections of supernatural fiction that we will be featuring in Wyrd Britain as we go - read our review of 'A Bundle of Nerves' here.

But today I have no new reviews for you, instead, on the occasion of what would have been her 91st birthday, I would like to share with you this lovely little film, produced in 1969 for the Puffin Club, that follows Ms. Aiken around various locations that feature in her books and in her life.

Hope you enjoy.

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