Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Day of the Triffids (2009)

After the sheer ridiculousness of the Howard Keel movie and the faithful reproduction of the BBC's glorious 1981 version this new BBC remake attempts to update the story to modern times and falls quite a long way short of the mark.

It keeps the barest of the bones of the original story and around the blindness and the plants it builds the various strands of it's own story including political machinations, media spin, eco-terrorism and a quest for fatherly approval.  Along the way we learn that you can survive a plane crash by hiding in the toilet with some life jackets, nuns are nuts and that Triffid venom cannot penetrate tiny wooden slats.

It is a mess but it's a mess with a bit of a budget so for the most part it looks quite nice.  If it had ditched most of the political and familial faff and focused itself on a story of survival in a destroyed world perhaps it would have been a more enjoyable ride.

Still, I'm a Day of the Triffids fanatic and any version is better than no version so here in all it's dubious glory (and with embedded - possibly - german subtitles)  is the 2009 mini series.
(or you can buy it here -
Day Of The Triffids (Single Disc Edition) - The Complete BBC Series [DVD] [2009] )

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