Sunday, 7 June 2020

The Night Caller

'The Night Caller' (or 'Night Caller from Outer Space' or 'Blood Beast from Outer Space') is a UK science fiction film made in 1965 and is the story of aliens (from Jupiter's moon Ganymede) kidnapping young women via an ad in the pages of 'Bikini Girl' magazine to breed with in order to repopulate their devastated home.

Directed by John Gilling who would, a year later, go on to direct Hammer's 'Plague of the Zombies' & 'The Reptile' with, in the grand tradition of 1960s UK science fiction, an American lead this time in the form of the always reliable John Saxon (Roper in 'Enter The Dragon') accompanied by ITC regular Patricia Haines, Maurice Denholm ('Countess Dracula' & 'Night of the Demon') and Alfred Burke who provide a rock solid core at the heart of the drama.

Like the Quatermass movies this is a take on the cold war analogous red menace alien invasion movies of the 1950s but unlike Quatermass it doesn't have Nigel Kneale writing it so it just isn't as good but few things are so we're not going to hold that against it.  What it is is a big, silly, rubber-suited and jaguar driving alien monster (called Smith) sci-fi movie that feels as joyously dated as it actually is.

Buy it here -  Night Caller from Outer Space - or watch it below.


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  1. I watched this, and remembered it from old Saturday Night "Creature Features" on 1970's TV!

    1. i'd completely missed it. i blame the title which to my mind makes it sound like a stalker movie which i wouldn't normally look at twice. glad i finally found it though.