Saturday, 27 June 2020

Here and Now: Floating Anarchy

Here and Now were a band formed in the early 1970s that embraced the psychedelic, space rock and punk sounds and lifestyle and blazed an idiosyncratic path through that decade and beyond.  Armed with instruments and a bus the band toured extensively playing for free both as part of the nascent free festival scene and on their own count.  They toured and recorded with Daevid Allen as Planet Gong, provided bands such as The Fall and Alternative TV with early tours all the while occupying that truly interesting area between genres and way outside the mainstream.

Still active today and with a discography that is a diverse as it is elusive the band have recently been the subjects of this lovely little documentary made by Hayley Allardyce in memory of her father, synth player Gavin da Blitz, that offers a fascinating glimpse back to a time and a scene now sadly long gone. 


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  1. Enjoyable watch, this! I was a follower of the band from 1982 until the original 1986-87 split, marked by the album 'Been & Gone' and for me and others it ended there, although Keith the Bass has continued on the live circuit on and off ever since with different line-ups. I did see one show back in 2012 w/ Redbus Noface at The Fighting Cocks, Kingston, where Gavin was present, and guested for the encore of 'Floating Anarchy Radio'. RiP Gavin, nicest guy you could ever meet.
    I hope someday perhaps a longer version of this doc comes together, maybe with more documentary/live footage and interviews. Hayley could only work with what she had though and to that end she did a great job. This was shown at Portobello Film Festival a few years ago as I remember. Anyway thanks for sharing :)

  2. My pleasure. Glad you enjoyed.