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Skeletons (2010)
Ed Gaughan and Andrew Buckley play Davis and Bennett (Ed Gaughan and Andrew Buckley) two fabulously disheveled functionaries for an enigmatic agency run by The Colonel (Jason Isaacs) that travel the countryside on assignments to psychically extract the metaphorical skeletons quite literally from people's closets.  Their newest assignment finds them at a remote cottage helping a woman (Paprika Steen) and her children (Tuppence Middleton & Josef Whitfield) find out what's happened to her husband.

In the grand tradition of odd couples our bickering pair are both damaged souls, the latter is 'going native' desperately trying to connect with and help his clients deal with, rather than just expose, their issues whilst Davis is 'glow-chasing', mining is own memories for comforting experiences.

Skeletons (2010)  Tuppence Middleton, Ed Gaughan and Andrew Buckley
I first saw this film not long after its release back in 2010, I went in cold, chuckled for an hour and a half and came out raving it to anyone who would sit still long enough to listen. The script by writer / director Nick Whitfield is witty and strange, bittersweet and beautiful and has gentle and leisurely pace that allows you to slowly sink into the world.

The idea of people being haunted by their own ghosts is by no means a new idea but when it's done well it can be a joy and here Whitfield has created a sensitive and quirky play on the theme and populated it with eccentric, damaged and entirely human characters to create something lovely.

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