Friday, 25 September 2015

Wyrd Britain TV Themes

With several hours to spare the other day I decided to make a playlist of some of the themes from the shows we love here at Wyrd Britain.  I'm entirely certain I've missed more than a few out but these are the ones that came to mind most readily.

Included in the list are classic sci-fi themes (starting with the most obvious), cartoons, supernatural, spy and action themes, kids shows and some light entertainment.

If you think of anything I've missed from the list then please leave a comment below.

hope you enjoy.


  1. Maybe I am dense , but where is the list? I only saw the one you posted of the Dr Who theme. Thank you.

    1. hi Valkrye.
      i think it's my poor wording that's to blame - by list i meant playlist.
      if you click the 1/52 in the top left hand corner of the video player then it'll show you the rest of the tunes i've thought of.
      all the best.