Sunday, 6 September 2015

Wyrd Britain mix 6

It's a beautiful, sunny, late summer, Sunday afternoon here so I thought I'd share with you the latest Wyrd Britain mix.  This time out I've put together a summery soundtrack special.

Opening proceedings is Basil Kirchin's soundtrack to 1960s swinging London before Albert Elms clocks in with two minutes of The Prisoners time.  George Chisholm's trombone provides one of the most recognisable of cartoon themes and the legendary Barry Gray provides another.

Moving into the 21st century we find Broadcast running the 'Berberian Sound Studio' and then into a 1980s version of the far flung future with Ken  Freeman's synthtastic theme to The Tripods.

Two of my favourites next with Alan Tew's brilliant, and much used, theme for 'The Hanged Man' and then Geoff Love and his very busy orchestra provide their version of the sound of The Saints return.

Roy Budd stops trying to get Carter and instead goes after a funky 'Foxbat'. Edwin Astley is incidentally soundtracking Patrick McGoohan's second appearance in this mix and The BBC Radiophonic Workshop's Roger Limb looks for an aquatic spectre.

Finally, Mike Wilkinson conjures up a nude angel whilst trying not to get too much blood on one of Satan's toenails and Cat's Eyes open a very specific door for The Duke of Burgundy.


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