Monday, 10 February 2020

Protecting the Stones

We at Wyrd Britain, and I'm sure this is true of many of you too, have an abiding love of the various stones and henges that dot the country.  I'm not an archeologist and indeed have next to no interest in ever discerning their 'true' purpose. For me their enigma is their charm.  They are repositories of the stories we tell of our ancestors and their understanding of their place in the world and of the fictions we weave around our own.

As such we feel they should be protected at all costs and so we were dismayed, when we were sent this petition, to discover that Oxfordshire Council has put forward plans to open the road that passes through the historic Rollright Stones to HGVs a move that can only be detrimental to these ancient monuments.

I shared this petition on the Wyrd Britain Facebook page a week or so ago but it occurs to me that many of you who subscribe to the blog may not frequent the site and would be interested in adding your voice to protest this so here is a link to the petition.

Thank you.

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