Thursday, 15 June 2017

Fuzzy-Felt Folk : Collection Of Rare,Delightful Folk Oddities For Strange Adults

Regular readers of Wyrd Britain will know that I have an abiding love for the label Trunk Records.  Ever since Jonny Trunk became the first person to release The Wicker Man soundtrack back in 1998 I've been hooked.  That he followed it with things such as the Dawn of the Dead OST, music from the Clangers, Ivor the Engine, The Tomorrow People and so very much more only cemented my love of the label.

In amongst all this televisual shenanigans trunk has also mined a bountiful seam of outsider music from the forgotten corners of both this odd little country and others just as wonderfully weird.  A hunt through the archives will reveal music from BBC Radiophonic Workshop pioneers Daphne Oram, John Baker, Delia Derbyshire and Tristram Carey,  UK jazz creators like Tubby Hayes and Basil Kirchin who has become almost a centrepiece of the labels output.

One of Kirchin's compositions, 'I Start Counting', opens this collection of whimsical and sometimes obtuse music. Joining Mr. Kirchin on the album are such folk as the Barbara Moore Singers, Pierre Arvay with his classic 'Merry Ocarina' (which some of you will remember from 'Vision On'), Reg Tilsley, The Piggleswick Folk and more.

It is a frankly ridiculously cheerful and quaint selection.  As a CD it's one that has a tendency to come with me on long drives as it never fails to lighten the mood but equally it's just as good on a quiet summer evening with a glass of something tasty.

Buy it here (or listen below) - Fuzzy-Felt Folk