Saturday, 9 May 2015

Wyrd Britain Mix 3

A new mix for a new month.

A mix of  acid folk, neo-krautrock, classic indie, wannabe trailer trash and soundtracking.

Hope you enjoy.

Freddie Phillips - Trumpton theme [00:00]
Half Man Half Biscuit - Time Flies By (when you're a driver of a train) [00:53]
Ten Benson - The Claw [03:30]
Magnet - Gently Johnny [06:24]
Appliance - Number Three Channel Is Clear [09:36]
Wolf People - Village Strollin' [13:51]
Julian Cope - They Were On Hard Drugs [16:23]
Queen - In The Death Cell [23:28]
Third Ear Band - Fleance [25:49]

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