Friday, 6 February 2015

Hell's Belles (The Adventures of Brenda and Effie: Book 4)

Paul Magrs
Headline Review

Penny is running away from a life of domestic strife and into mysterious Whitby - where she hopes to find herself. But in her quest for self-discovery, Penny may have stumbled on something far more sinister: the gateway to hell. For Whitby is no ordinary seaside resort, and all that keeps the evil at bay are Brenda and Effie - two very unusual old ladies. When a film crew comes to town to remake the sixties schlock horror movie Get Thee Inside Me, Satan, Brenda and Effie suspect something strange is afoot. Female lead Karla Sorenson is reprising her role and she doesn't look like she's aged a day. Surely that's not possible? Then there are the disturbing rumours surrounding the original movie - a cult classic that is, quite literally, spell-binding. As events spool out of control, Penny's new boss Robert draws her deeper into the movie's peculiar mystery. But can it be stopped before all hell breaks loose?

And so for the fourth time we venture into the hellish environs of Whitby where Brenda and Effie continue their mission to protect the town from evil.

This time a remake of an old Hammer style horror film comes to town along with its vampish star, Karla Sorenson. Brenda has history with her, and with the original movie, but the old memory is not what it was. Soon Sorenson is bewitching the local men whilst the film, at the behest of dark forces, begins to bring both secrets and old acquaintances or into the open.

I wasn't as absorbed by this one as I was with the others but truthfully I don't think it was the book's fault I was just a little preoccupied. It was fun, silly and very much in the spirit of the others in series. Another gem in a series that has been nothing but gems although maybe this time out it's perhaps more of a midget gem from one of Brenda's bags of pick 'n' mix.

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