Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Broken Homes (Rivers of London 4)

And so we take our fourth visit into the magical division of the Metropolitan Police as represented by the triumvirate of apprentice wizards PCs Peter Grant & Lesley May and their boss and real, actual, genuine wizard Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Nightingale not to mention Toby the dog and Molly the housekeeper. This one is an absolute corker. It begins with a crash and a body and ends with a crash and a betrayal.

Unlike the third book in the series - 'Whispers Underground' - 'Broken Homes' is all about the bigger story which was made all the more fun after that other books avoidance of it. Here it's all about foiling the Faceless Man's plan and so Peter and Lesley find themselves shacked up in a high rise tower block trying to work out what interest it holds for their adversary.

The story absolutely tanks along with barely a moments rest. We are introduced to several of the other denizens of supernatural London - another river and a tree spirit - and also get to see a little - and I do mean a little - of the spring fair meeting of the various London rivers.

Aaronovitch has a clean and easy style filled with sneaky little references - my favourite here being an Arlo Guthrie, Alice's Restaurant one - and chatty asides that draw you in and make you feel right at home in this preposterous world.

I am loving these books and they've become my fun read; the one I look forward to because I know it'll be a right romp from start to finish and so long may they continue.

Buy it here:  Broken Homes: The Fourth Rivers of London novel (A Rivers of London novel)

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