Sunday, 27 May 2018

Ride, Ride

'Tales of Unease' was a short lived series of supernatural tales based on stories from the horror anthologies of the same(ish) name compiled by John Burke (the second of which is probably best known for it's supremely creepy cover photo) screened in 1970.  To the best of my knowledge much of the series has been lost but one of the few remaining episodes is the first - 'Ride, Ride'.

Myles Reithermann stars as 'Arth' an art student who meets a mysterious young woman (Susan George) at a party who begs him to give her a lift home before suddenly disappearing along the way.

Story wise it's a bit on the slight side with Reithermann seeming a tad out of his depth as the lead and George has little to do except look ethereal.  There's some strong support from Janet Lees Price and 'The Omega Factor's' James Hazeldine but the half hour run time means they're both underused.  It is though an interesting little take on a fairly well used ghost story trope that does what it does well enough without overstaying it's welcome.


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