Sunday, 21 February 2016

Bruce Lacey

Bruce Lacey (with R.O.S.A. B.O.S.O.M.)
As this damnable year continues to take it's toll in what Cyclobe's Stephen Thrower described yesterday as being like "a Rapture for interesting people" this morning I find out that the world has also lost the artist and musician Bruce Lacey.

Lacey's pursuit of his muse and the humour he brought to his creations meant that he walked a path that brought him into contact with many of the counterculture figureheads of the British arts and entertainment worlds from the 1950s onwards including The Goons, The Beatles who got him to play George Harrison's gardener in Help!, Fairport Convention who wrote a song about him (see below), Ken Russell who made a short film about him (see slightly further below) and Dave Allen who featured him (at 25:27) in his fantastic film about English eccentrics (see all the way down below).  More recently Trunk Records released an amazing retrospective of his music called The Spacey Bruce Lacey (btw - I heartily recommend clicking that there link for a really interesting article about Lacey by William Fowler of the BFI)

So R.I.P. sir.  We thank you for being so very you.

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