Friday, 12 June 2015

Christopher Lee - In Search of Dracula (1975 documentary)

With sadness we note, only a few days after his 93rd birthday, the passing of one of our favourite actors, Sir Christopher Lee.

I only recently wrote a short blog about him - here - so I'll refrain from doing so again here and instead I'm going to point you in the direction of a nice little side event to his most famous role.

This is a 1975 documentary narrated by Lee about the real life inspiration for Dracula, Vlad Tepez, along with the book, it's author and some of the films.  It's very much of it's time so don't expect the now commonplace cavalcade of expert talking heads just rolling images and a voiceover.  It's an entertaining and interesting overview, competently produced but entirely made by Lee's delivery of the script.

Even if the documentary doesn't appeal it's worth skipping to the 1 hour 20 mark to catch the magnificently mustachioed narrator's closing remarks.

So, sadly we bid goodbye to one of the greats but do so knowing that his incredible body of work means his legacy will live on forever.

Sir Christopher Lee R.I.P.

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